"re:semblance" Summer 2021 Exhibition:
Key Image
I created the key image that was used across all marketing channels, both printed and digital. This was the final result of numerous drafts as I collaborated with my team. I made sure to garner enough feedback on how the exhibition themes should be illustrated within this key image. My primary software was Adobe Illustrator, with some raster effects done in Adobe Photoshop and then transferred over into Illustrator.
I also directed social media strategy for the exhibition, which I've detailed here.

Key image for the summer 2021 exhibition, re:semblance.

"Pinar Yolaçan: Body-Image" Spring 2022 Visiting Artist Exhibition:
Film Poster Layout
I created a poster in Adobe InDesign that was displayed in the New Media Artspace gallery. There were two versions: one was displayed in the second-floor gallery next to a monitor showing the artist's documentary, Tuire Kayapó: First Contact, and the other directed visitors to the gallery (shown below). My team collaborated on the branding for the exhibition, for which the artist requested a minimal aesthetic that complemented, but did not disturb, the subjects of her photography. My colleague created the style guide, including typography and title treatment, which I adhered to in order to create this poster.
"kate-hers RHEE: Inventing Genealogies" Fall 2021 Visiting Artist Exhibition:
Key Image
Using a graphical asset (tree rings) created by my colleague, I composed the layout for the key graphic, including the typography and color palette. This key graphic was used for all marketing materials, including postcards, flyers, and social media graphics. The overall design was a result of collaboration between myself, our Visiting Artist kate-hers RHEE, and the Artspace team. I used Adobe Illustrator to design the title treatment, then carried it over into Adobe Photoshop to composite the full image.
I also directed social media strategy for this exhibition, which I've detailed here.

Key image for kate-hers RHEE: Inventing Genealogies.

Postcard back layout design for kate-hers RHEE: Inventing Genealogies.

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