Introductory Reiki Workshop
I created this social media flyer template using Huh Healing Hub's branding, and it will be reused by the client on a semi-monthly basis as an Instagram Carousel post. Inspired by the healing powers of Reiki, I drew the illustration featured on the first slide using both Procreate and Illustrator.
"Align Your Chakras" Workshop Series
I created a series of social media flyers promoting seven chakra-themed Reiki workshops. The first slide of each post contains an illustration I made in Procreate, which I then vectorized in Adobe Illustrator. The second slide consists Huh Healing Hub's own copy, which I copy-edited to ensure consistency across all seven designs, as well as to ensure the text was free of errors (even minor details, such as changing "EST" to "EDT" -- the proper format for Daylight Savings). Within the copy, I bolded and italicized keywords to help fast readers along as they skimmed through. I used Huh Healing Hub's pre-existing brand typography.
The primary skills I used for this project were layout design, composition, illustration, and copy-editing.
"Step Into Bold Self-Love with Reiki and Skincare" Workshop
I created an Instagram Carousel to promote this workshop, which was a collaboration between Huh Healing Hub and Natural Ash. I exclusively used Huh Healing Hub's color palette and fonts, but to align the designs more with the branding of Natural Ash, I chose the colors within the palette that also reflected Natural Ash's skincare products. I kept with the healing and nurturing theme of both brands, using organic shapes and soft, delicate swooshes.

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