Business: Multi-beneficial skincare treatments made with active botanicals. The busy bee’s new best friend.
Market: Women, ages 21 to 40, who prefer skincare with natural ingredients and a minimal routne.
The name Ciela is based on the Spanish word for sky, cielo, which, along with the sun and its morning light, is often one of the first things we see when we wake up and look out the window. Similarly, the skincare ritual is also a part of everyone's morning. In the logo, I connected that calm, light feeling of the morning with the sun; the name itself is curved, with the ascenders i and l extending outward as though they are sun rays. As a result, the logo subtly appears as though it is the corona of the rising sun. I illustrated a rising sun as well, which accompanies the wordmark as part of the Ciela emblem and is also used in several patterns. The emblem primarily uses the rising sun illustration, but depending on usage, other illustrations may be used interchangably.
Plum, periwinkle, and their pastel counterparts come together to form backdrops for the primary color, a light cream. These muted tones are the colors of the dawn sky. They echo the calmness of the skincare ritual, while still being just colorful enough to give a light air of playfulness and curiosity. Even though the branding itself is quite minimal, I wanted it to maximize on color to help paint the story of Ciela.
Social Media Assets
I conceptualized social media assets to go with the brand. These graphics explain the benefits of specific products within the Ciela skincare range. I created mock-ups for an eye serum and a facial cleansing cream. I used knowledge that I obtained while working in the beauty industry to describe each product.

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