Visual identity for re:semblance was a major collaboration between members of the New Media Artspace docent team. I was responsible for creating the principle image, title treatmentsocial media assets, and style guide. I also led social media strategy.
re:semblance was a virtual group exhibition about the appearance of reality, inspired by our reliance on digital forms of communication during the COVID-19 pandemic. The works featured in the exhibition touched on three overarching themes: virtual bodies, masked bodies, and disembodiment. The principle image I created evoked these themes and also set the tone for the rest of the exhibition assets.

40+ pieces of content over 2 months
Exhibition curation through open-call
Graphic design
Style guide
Title treatment
Social media strategy
Content strategy
Proposal writing
Performance/KPI reports
Event marketing
Livestream hosting
Social Media Goals:
Generate leads for open-call submissions
Increase traffic to exhibition website
Increase exhibition and brand awareness
Increase overall engagement

Increased engagement by 32.3%
Earned 14 submissions through open-call (12 selected for exhibition)
Gained 50+ new followers (9.4% growth)
Key Image

Key image evoking themes of virtual bodies, masked bodies, and disembodiment.

Social Media Assets

Social media assets for Instagram (@newmediaartspace) included frame templates used to showcase the exhibition artists' work. One artwork was shared with the template almost every day for three weeks. During this social media campaign, engagement increased by 32.3%.

Other social media assets included these posts for exhibition artists Anna Kroll, Chloë Engel, and Nathan Harper, which encouraged followers to participate in their interactive artworks.

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