Barnabus is a directory-focused mobile app that aims to revolutionize the bar industry and reinvent nightlife. Much like carshare services, Barnabus promotes "barsharing." With Barnabus, you can work with bars to grow your pop-up party platform. (
Business: An event-directory mobile app that aims to change the way we do nightlife through the concept of barsharing.
Market: Millennial and Gen Z party-goers looking to throw or attend same-day events at a diverse range of bars in their city.
As the sole brand designer for this start-up, I wanted to capture the spontaneous, energetic, and often elegant vibe of nightlife within the logo. I customized several characters of the typeface Didoni URW D to create the primary wordmark. The letters appear to move and bounce, illustrating the playful, lighthearted attitude of nighttime outings. I added an abstracted form of a lime slice to the left side of the wordmark, drawing from the idea of a cocktail garnish. There are two versions of the letterform logo: the letterform enclosed in a circle is the mobile app icon.
Nightlife and neon have gone hand-in-hand since the dawn of the nightclub in 1920s New York. When we think of nightlife, we think of these vibrant, vivid lights flashing against dark, midnight hues. Barnabus's primary colors are an electrifying green yellow and a daring magenta, both of which reflect the vivacious energy that nightlife brings. Green yellow also pays homage to the margarita, which is the most popular cocktail in America. These two colors define the Barnabus attitude, and they make their mark atop four secondary colors, varying hues of jolting blues.
While magenta functions alongside green yellow as a primary color for the brand, green yellow will be used in most cases. Magenta will replace or accompany green yellow depending on usage, such as in patterns, illustrations, and social media content.
Patterns & Illustrations
I produced several illustrations to accompany Barnabus's branding. The most important motif for the brand is the lime slice. This common garnish is an instantly recognizable symbol of a cocktail, and it calls back to one of the brand's taglines, "Let Barnabus garnish your night out." There are two depictions of lime slices in Barnabus's branding: a fully rendered linework version and an abstracted, minimalist version. These can be used for a diverse range of scenarios, including patterns.
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