My name is Milli Encarnacion and I’m a visual designercontent strategist, makeup artist, bookworm, and yogi. I get excited by books, typography, packaging, and illustration. In other words, I love to tell stories through design.
For a graphic designer, my background is a bit atypical: I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Communication & Culture, with a secondary concentration in New Media Arts, from Baruch College, CUNY, in 2022, where I graduated with magna cum laude honors. Prior to earning my degree in digital media, I worked as a makeup artist for 10 years. As a result of this multi-disciplinary experience, in my practice I can combine sharpened artistic intuition with visual communication expertise.
My background as a designer stretches to the early aughts, as an art-obsessed teenager who learned Photoshop by creating covers for imaginary magazines. I then sharpened my image-making skills doing event photography before transitioning into makeup, where I designed thousands of makeup looks for all kinds of clients. I attribute a large part of my success as a designer–and expert communicator–to my extensive background as an all-around creative.
I’m an ambitious learner with a penchant for exploration and a curious appetite, and I’m constantly absorbing information in ways that benefit myself and others. My knowledge of visual, branding, and graphic design is a combination of formal training and self-education, and I aim to use my knowledge to share brands' stories in ways bespoke to the creators, while influencing ways of thinking.
I'm based in the Hudson Valley of New York.
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